Why We Need Sweeping Reforms in Legal Education like the National Education Policy 2020?

The day some rogue lawyers will realize that being a Bar-affiliated practicing advocate is not being a God, they shall really becomd the redeemers of justice.

I am skeptic of the legal education in India and I know, just because of that, people hate me. It's fine if you are a lawyer and you love your work. My discontent is with the Supreme Court's impartiality to fail to understand ideology and religion as non-secular ideas and more; and with the Bar Council of India which should democratize Legal Education properly. Jindal Global University is already endorsing a BA in Legal Studies, which is a nice start. Problem is that due to the Advocates Act, there is a monopolising tendency of becoming an advocate in practice under Bar norms if people register under them, and the 5-yr courses are ill-advised. Do not tell me now that NLSIU wins Jessup or NALSAR wins some moot or NLUs give so much jobs so they are perfect. In fact, the legal fraternity in education sector of India has more or less endorsed this job mentality for 20 years. Has it made capable lawyers at district/subordinate level? Hell no. But pointing this out would be blasphemous and treacherous because some people's ego and मोह towards the BCI and the NLUs is just too innate.

I support the Modi Government for the new National Education Policy of 2020. I pray they restrict the powers of the Bar and democratize legal education as soon as possible. We don’t need a conservative Bar Council that intervenes within the framework of legal education and even cannot bring up innovation in legal aptitude and learning, because BCI is a shrewd body. It’s just a criticism from my side and therefore, if people really believe in dissent when the same elites shout for so-called anti-government protests, then please think about what I have criticized. It virtually hurts when there is no single reform over the curriculum and the quality of legal teaching. Why this shit is endorsed so much? Why do lawyers involve in left-wing/right-wing ideology activities, when a lawyer should be a constitutional patriot, who knows all qualms of constitutionalism, and not just of Marx and Engels? For that matter, I do endorse that lawyers in India must be permitted for branding, because the BCI restrictions are just useless and impermissible. Have a look at the fish market of webinars led by PR-making lawyers, who just are discussing whitewashed issues like "COVID19 and human rights", "Lockdown and Human Rights" and so on. Sorry, but is this even reasonable? Learn from Europe on what a quality of webinars they really have. Especially Czech Republic. Their education model focuses on both native and English Education but prioritizes Czech education first. Same applies to the Nordic countries. Israelites are so creative in strategic learning. Why should a law student not understand geopolitics and strategy? Jurisprudence is not an insulated jar, which is just open for ideology and euphemisms. It should be self-transforming, open and competitive. I am hopeful of an India that can really do good with its talent, and so I wish that some big change happens for the law fraternity as soon as possible. Decreasing the powers of the BCI over legal education (only) is a political need, and has a silent majority among legal educators and practitioners. Let’s adopt it, and then the BCI must ensure that the autonomy and transparency of the Bar Associations shall be redeemed. In fact - Bar Associations must prohibit all political parties from involving themselves into the farrago of political interests with these Bar elections. Therefore, this would directly hit the BCI and resolve the political dilemma, just like the NJAC, which could not apply due to the political misappropriation of the Indian Judiciary.
Let’s hope something reasonable to happen. And this is not my final view, so pardon some decency while you wish to comment further.

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