Why Emotional Intelligence is Promissory to Civilizational Growth and not Cognitive Dissonance?

Former vice president Joe Biden shakes hands with Donald Trump at Trump’s inauguration. THE WASHINGTON POST/GETTY IMAGES

You may hear stories of ‘woke liberals’ and ‘populist conservatives’ in mainstream democracies like India, the US, the UK, some EU democracies and even in Russian Federation. It is the same left-right political gambit that is being played in New Zealand and Australia, and even sometimes in Isreal, Mexico and Brazil. Left-liberals and Right-populists may contend about their own cultural and global vistas of what their local communities and the international community would be when they come to power. The Left contends of some utopian world with naked notions of transparency while the Right somewhere the opposite to it. There may be certain featurettes that both the Left and the Right adopt, which Centrists and Normal people adore and put it mainstream. That is why even if Bernie Sanders withdrew his nomination, Joe Biden is not ignoring his Foreign Policy proposals and is expected to take a moderate stand on the issue. However, it would be imperative to see how Biden would withstand Trump’s populism.

If you check the status of the UK politics clearly, we have Boris Johnson, who has softened his populist stance since the COVID19 outbreak in a deliberate manner, while the Labour Party has appointed Sir Keir Starmer as their new leader and also of the Opposition in the House of Commons. Nigel Farage and Dominic Cummings’ world of Brexit is at a standstill, but after the COVID crisis, it is certain that the Labour Party will take a centrist stance to calm down its ultra-progressive hardline Left front as well to capture the Centre-right and Hardline Right of the Conservatives.

In India too, there is quite certain that a Centrist coalition of parties can propose a narrative of cultural pluralism and responsible secularism and a no to ‘minoritization’ of political issues to combat Narendra Modi. However, no one would dare to choose the hardline ‘Marxist’ or ‘Revolutionary’ way of politics.

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I have no issues with the existence of the Left. In general, we need Centrists, Normal people, the Left and the Right together to form a quadruple spectrum of politics for the upliftment and betterment of the society. Populism is the problem of generations and not a new problem for GenX and the so-called Left if we are honest. However, an unreasonable approach to deal with our past does not unite societies, because let us be honest — you may be interested in playing PUBG, but maybe your parents still love ludo. You may find it easy, accessible, and feel dopamine rush for online games like these, but somebody does not need all the time. Thus, woke millennials who regiment themselves and think they cannot progress would comment and argue that being moderate or conservative is a question of economic privilege. However, there are people like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Vishnugupta, Albert Einstein and even many such normal people, who (are not required to be patronized) rose from poverty and fought their problems. Some of them had to face totalitarian regimes and had to face armed conflicts, which was brutal. But they tried their best and united societies by their works. Therefore, it would be unreasonable if meaningless arguments are being whined. An article by Shane Burley explores the problems millennials or GenX face, which we must-read. Here is an impressive excerpt of it:

The reality is that the New Left was a total failure, as were the Baby Boomers. A generation defined by its idealism was the same generation that gave us gentrification, commodities trading, Trumpism, and hating “kids these days,” just like their parents. This is not a slight against Baby Boomers; a generation of people can’t be revolutionary any more than the general public could be. They are people, not a coordinated social movement. But the language of the New Left was cemented to the identity of the Boomer generation. Is it any surprise their kids became hostile when they failed to live up to its promise?

“Previous ‘youth movements’ looked to revolutionary truth-seekers for leadership,” says one of Clowes’s characters of grunge-era Seattle in a 1994 “Buddy Bradley” strip. “Our heroes are mass murderers, cartoonists, and alcoholics. It’s fitting that our cultural mecca is a gray, lifeless area known previously for rainfall and a high concentration of Nazis.” Revolutionary zeal was replaced by the solipsism of cigarettes, flannel, and prolonged adolescence. The term “angst” itself, though not an invention of the ’90s, certainly seems to be owned by it. Having abandoned heroes, pop-culture and literature celebrated those who simply described their experiences with self-deprecating honesty. The world sucks, and so do I, and that’s enough.

The excerpt is self-explanatory that materialization of society is dangerous for the intellectual, psychological and individual benefit of a person, but if people do not moralize themselves and find better ways to convince their worth in a better way by improving themselves, increasing their morale and skills, believe me — they cannot be honest to themselves because they then cannot discover who they really are.

Thus, emotional intelligence has an important role to deal with politics. Let us understand this in points:

  1. Civilizational changes and individual changes are not the same. It is necessary to ‘woke’ in certain matters when you are an individual. However, to own up your worth and grace, and to build up yourself, you must not focus much on non-existential issues that prevent you from doing better things. For existential demands, you have to act reasonable, but often — it would always be a matter of analysis and observation and not any petty privilege to decide as to how will you wish to bring change. Become a change first, own it and see if its practicable and do not blame the establishment for no reasons.
  2. People may think while Bernie Sanders has stepped down, and Biden is stepping up but considering to campaign some of Bernie’s Foreign Policy approaches, then this is a win of those woke Left people, who have pressurized Biden to keep the Democratic consensus in the US alive. I disagree with them to some extent because Joe Biden — despite his own fallacies, is a realist, and during the Obama Administration has brought changes in the establishments of the US and the International Community in a significant, silent and resilient way, and not by shaking the global order altogether. A civilization changes with time and improves itself. However, that happens when consultation happens. Believe me — there are never closed doors for consultation. There will be hard times when it seems impossible, but if we control and have a proper foresight of our steps in any phase of life, we can earn the best out of society and provide significant changes to it.
  3. If change is not possible, then still — options are never closed. Consultations must be done — but by realizing that redemptions must be faced with courage, not woke brutality. A society can do better when its literature, music and other arts, its lifestyle and political world are coordinated by social movements. Not all social movements are revolutionary, but they can be evolutionary.

And believe me — a revolution can be suppressed — but that is not the same for the reproduction and evolution of human life and the ecosystem of the whole continuum.

All we need to do is to calm ourselves down. Fate is it that emotional intelligence is the key to resilience and civilizational change. Find the alternative, learn from others and apply your creativity, like how competitors in businesses do — they learn from others but apply their own logic and strategy. Then you should do the Indian way. That is the best way to bring civilizational changes.



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