Why being a Multipotentialite Matters & Why is it Important to Define & Not Fear Our Economic Risks

We are always influenced by archetypal and constructive influences. We believe our influence is signified by something which settles.
Money, family and everything.
It's not bad to think about that. But our potential is neither activated by a rote activism as well.
We need to see where our potential lies.

When we ourselves are capable enough to seek that - we are empowered enough to create our own destiny.

There is nothing called a settled life, neither there is a true establishment of absolute peace of mind.
What is there is to accept the chaos and shape your best version, and challenge the status quo, with utmost responsibility and utmost honesty.
Make a change and let the same happen in a better way.

Even if it takes to learn and understand, it’s necessary. But please do.
Find your potential, capacity and reasonableness. Don’t fall into the enslaved glam of (a) 'Settled Lives' and (b) 'Glam in Passion’.
Your passion becomes blind the day you romanticize it. Just put an end to it - and evolve and economic approach to deal with it.

And, the economic approach is not exhaustive of monetary and finance woes. It really isn’t. If we have the courage to do something different, then we should find the courage, wisdom and method to connect our financial interests with our talent and purpose. If we do that, we are true multipotentialites in a capitalist world, whether we are employed, we’re independent or we lead somewhere.

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