Value Systems and the Questions of Collective Consciousness: The India Story So Far

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So here is a series of threads compiled in the form of an article, in which I discuss about how value systems and collective consciousness evolve with time. I also try to discuss the role of individual consciousness, which we deliberately ignore due to laziness and other reasons.

So, the UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, in a meeting held by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, talks about the UK-Saudi Arabia relationship when a Committee member asks her about the so-called “authoritarian character” of Saudi Arabia. I find Elizabeth’s response quite amusing, which is why I will deconstruct and give some insights.

What Truss is trying to imply is:

  1. Value systems and ideologies are the strategic moats behind driving policy ideals and sometimes aims; and
  2. Realism is prioritised over 1 when it paralyses the value systems and the ideologues.

Now considering Tom Holland and Ian Morris’ works on the West and Modernity, no doubt ideology is powerful and value systems too sometimes shape the civilisational character of states. And yet — I still think value systems which might be perilous for others, may or may not contribute towards human evolution. Postmodernism/decoloniality aren’t evolutionary and are not policies. Thus, it means that Modernity was and is a strategic moat for human evolution.

Now, whether Modernity respects continuity in all existent cultures or not, is a rather tough nut to crack.

Let us take neoliberalism. It is merely a bi product. It fails because it has no spiralling effect on human societies, cultures and their knowledge systems at some time. It contributes to human societies’ evolution, but the transcendence is not attained anyways.

However, despite the failures of liberalism and neoliberalism, it is also getting clear that a lot of societies are already finding their own pathways beyond modernity (which isn’t postmodern or decolonial). It is just that we all are addicted to vulnerability the most.

Funnily any society would be affected by soft/hard interventions of confliction into the developmental economies of societies (assuming that growth, sustainability and development are goals for all societies).

Now, this funny analysis that everything is materialist, and materialisation or pragmatism is materialism 101, is one of the most naive takes I have ever read. So it is materialistic when you are obsessed too much with the लौकिक realities and leave your inner core.

Celebrating Continuity

So, a Tiktok user, Maisie Matilda designs caricatures based on The Lord of the Rings at the edge of the books.

Here is a video where she elaborates above the love of traditional arts.

On one of the paintings she made on the edges of the books, which you can watch, my views are below:

A great example of an aesthetic embrace and celebration of complex adaptivity: learning and loving your own cultural and historical narratives and heritage, in a modern world.
See — you may leap into the present and the future, yet you don’t leave.

Conclusion: ideologies are not long lasting; value systems are. If you think modernity can engulf everything, don’t worry.

Societies when INNOVATE create their own present and future, beyond and not after modernity.

I myself have the urge to learn about our past. However, it is futile to transact victimhood out of it. Learn your past, with context always instead of self-loathing. Pain/remorse/shock may or may not erupt. It is okay.

Realising that, with context-oriented calmness helps a lot
Imagine for a while. Do we feel the pain within? We actually do, and it is as terrible as one may experience. Connotations shall come. It is upto you whether you wish to be productive and do better things, or not.

Persistence is always is incomplete without serenity.



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