Only You Can Find Adversity in Opportunity: No One Else Can

The very fear that despite your doing and attempting at your best does not lead to the success you dream of - is the logic of cowards.

I do not define what success could be for myself. I was and have never been that iceberg-tip topper. I have not been a moot court winner, and neither I am the greatest activist or debater in the world, because these woke discoveries are not my discoveries. It is of those people who materialize their lives but really do not know who they are.

My humility is certainly based on my openness not to lack conviction, ignore what is left-right, never act with prejudice and hope the best for the world.

It hurts when my honesty and purity is tested by a weaker understanding of lives. We do not understand that social media portals cannot empower you and your voice because they are nothing more like those streets, where you do not win because you are loudest - but because you are the calmed one - who listens, but doesn't compell his wisdom to act upon.

But I think that as being at 20, I am a real CEO, working on AI, my Social science love, loving my passions and arts I have dreamt of, I now do not feel alone if nobody really cares to even talk to me. I have accepted this, in bits and that's is a gradual process till my death, that you are born and maybe you have to live alone. So, let's hope and do the better guys.

Coronavirus 19 cannot stop you from achieving and incarnating your own potential. It's your prejudice that stops you from doing something. I tell ya - I am not privileged and neither a fortunate person. All I believe in is being true and creative to myself. I think if no one is with me anytime in my life, I am not weak to bow down. Simple.

#StaySafe and be the best version of yourself.

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