On the Quest of Degeneracy/Regeneration of Cultures

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Some fears which people have that a degenerate/regenerate form of monolithic culture can eat up the uniqueness of other cultures, are not completely unfounded. It happens actually. But people must adapt to master the art and skill of both degeneration & regeneration.

You cannot just cancel anything right away. Doing that is like arbitrarily removing segments of history fashionably. There can be more anthropological & conscious efforts, to tap the potential of cultures tried to be eaten up. This is also why Urdu is an Indic language.

The imperial activities or operations which are committed to affect the cultures reflect that imperialist means are no more than means. They are not some “world”. Many utopias and liberal paradises are like metaverses, mere tools of inducement or abduction from reality.

But yes, reality too is a vector. It changes. Also remember — there is NO IDEAL way to be reminiscent about and realise to “get back to roots”. This is why some neopagan initiatives are genuine, some, are not.

To “decolonise” is not absolute, but to indigenise is sensible.

To explain how utopias are made, you can funnily look at the set of a 2008/2009 film called Saawariya by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Absolute funny stuff. Aesthetically it seems a lot work is done, but wasnt a good adaptation of “White Nights”. Utopian cultural mash up.

I am honest that many people don’t realise why inspiring from Machiavelli or 1812 Overture or even Vishnugupta is not about imitation but absorbing the real-time experiences & content that they leave for generations to come.

This is why sociologists must not mix emotions/sentiments with ethnographic analysis, which should NEVER be mixed with things like (for e.g.):

  • civilisation science
  • the history of conflict economics
  • development and governance

These questions therefore come naturally:

  1. Is it then not okay to mix and merge different cultural ideas or motifs or anything for tapping their potential? Yes, please do. DEGENERACY is some un-motivated cases is natural. It smells adaptivity
  2. Is cultural revival ideological/ideational detachment or revisiting specific ailments? It is the latter, NOT THE FORMER.
  3. For every field, can there be field-specific and multidisciplinary/cross-disciplinary/trans-disciplinary ailments? YES. In both cases.

So people can use Guitar, for example, in Japan, and create way better energetic Japanese rock music, completely un-mundane and blandly different from American rock.

Also, kindly understand that some cultural changes are like a typical merger, which can be disinvested. But some are literally like converting milk into ghee/cheese. The test should be therefore to check if such merge/mixes are irreversible or curable.

A Doctor therefore does not treat its patients with contempt. The doctor has to treat them by knowing 360 degree problems and realities around the same. So, the process of evaluation of eating up of cultures isnt like treating something degenerated/regenerated as roughage.



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