India’s School Education Makes Marks Coolies, Nothing Else

Think your boards or examination marks like the price rate of some goods and your marks like mere goods.

Well, even this methodology is used in many so-called coaching exams, so it can apply there too.

So, now you have earned 99 in all, or 9.88 in all. What happens?

You get tags like - Emperor, winner of the winners, God, History made and all that bullshit. You all hope to sit and study in the stuffed NLUs, IITs, Ashokas, DUs and JNUs. What happens? Very few percentages of people get in as a crowd does.

Interestingly, that is similar to the shit that MNREGA is. You give money and do not give real incentive and values to people so that they bloody learn and work, and that is how you share your Colonial and Socialist mentality. Then what?

Something obvious - artificial PPP is created which does not endorse multiplier of money invested or capitalized. Result: inflation in 2016 which nobody could control. The theory of consumption is failed artificially.

Let's get back to education.

Now, the 99 guys, the same shit people get placed, they make examples and then sterilize startups, the bar associations, politics, administrators and even the media and entertainment people. I am happy they can't do that in defence, IT and security yet (btw, China already does it in nearly every field, kind of a reason why it failed in Galwan tussle and is facing problems of being a middle-income economy) - but still - our foreign service is sterilized and so even literature, culture and arts too. But we know that once you sterilize Indians in science like physics and AI, they won't succeed. Part of the reason is it as to why ISRO is skilful and why Indians are champions in IT in the US.

I never thought it like that, but I think now I have to.

And here is my thought:

Kill the marks system as soon as possible. Scrap all the labour laws and make a committee that works in a purposive way to define new legislations that comply with India's industrial abilities. Educate people on the basis of the freedom to innovate, not to immaturely politicize. India never believed in Machiavellian judgmentalism not Benthamite positivism. It never spoke out to be partisan in liberal and conservative terms always. We were always mixed and beautiful as always.

Let's embrace ourselves and stop this cyborg making. Jai Hind.

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